Green-Haired Harajuku Guy in Chic Winter Fashion w/ Style Nanda & Tokyo Bopper

Meet Seiya, a CA4LA hat shop staffer with a spiffy take on dressing up for the cold winter.

Seiya is wearing a long tan coat with wide lapels and billowy long sleeves from Style Nanda. He wore it over a black-and-white Style Nanda button-down top with a gingham pattern and a tie detail on the collar. His resale black pants are cinched on the waist with a black leather belt. The cropped length showed off his white socks and black suede lace-up platform sneakers from Tokyo Bopper. He accessorized with a silver fanny pack worn across the shoulder, silver hoop earrings, and an assortment of rings on both hands and pins on the lapel of his coat. Oversized glasses and a black beret over his green hair provided the finishing touches to his ensemble.

He considers CA4LA as a fashion favorite, and he frequently listens to music from Anarchy and KOHH. Follow Seiya on Instagram.

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