Green Highlights w/ Resale Fashion & Floral Spinns Sneakers in Harajuku

Shiori is a beauty college student who is 19. She was wearing glasses and short hair with green highlights when we met her in Harajuku and decided to snap a few pics.

Shiori’s white shirt is paired with a midi blue skirt and a whale canvas bag, all of which are resales. Her floral sneakers were bought at Spinns and her watch is from Cota.

She told us that her favorite bands are Plenty and GO!GO!7188, and she gave us her Facebook address as well – look her up if you want!

Click on any photo to enlarge it.

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  1. Takamina

    Love her shoes and glasses. They really complete the look.

  2. Querinna

    Steampunk watch so awesome. She has such a fresh, innocent and clean look. luv it…