Grimoire & Sunao Kuwahara Dolly-kei Girls

These cute girls are showing some Dolly-kei style in Harajuku. On the right is Saki, who we’ve featured here in the past. Her black dress is from Grimoire – her favorite shop. She’s wearing black lace stockings and vintage shoes from Grimoire. Her vintage flowered bag is also from Grimoire. Saki’s accessories include a vintage shawl, a porcelain doll’s head on a chain (a Dolly-kei touch) and a Rurumu head decoration made from lace, net and large tassles.

The cute girl on the left is named Yuitan. She’s wearing a black jacket from Gomme over a white Sunao Kuwahara dress with a graphic decoration. Her black velveteen bag from Comme des Garcons is embellished with velveteen bows. She’s also wearing black tights and stylish Dr. Martens boots. Her accessories include a hair bow made from a print scarf and a black ribbon necklace.

Even if you don’t read Japanese, you can visit Yuitan’s blog and see some cool pictures. Yuitan’s favorite clothing label is Cabane de Zucca and she likes the music of Okamoto’s.
Grimoire Dolly-kei Girls in Harajuku

Dolly-kei girl Grimoire dress and with doll pendant

Japanese girl with Rurumu hair ornament

Black lace stockings and vintage shoes in Harajuku

Vintage floral bag from Grimoire

Gomme jacket and Sunao Kuwahara dress

Japanese Dolly-kei girl with puffy hair bow

Black velveteen bag from Comme des Garcons

Black tights and Dr. Martens boots in Harajuku

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  1. jesika lin

    i love saki’s hair, head-decoration and shoes!!

  2. funsho akerele-ale

    ok……. I almost hate to say it . but the girl with the red hair . I so fabulous !!!! but her side kick, takes away from her glory. The red hair girl is so well put together . even in her awkwardness . Saki is a combination of the past and future. She is a true representation of good taste . period . Now as to the young woman standing next to her . …… Yuitan . She is good as well . I don’t want to take anything away from her . She is well put together . But fails to put together an outfit, that speaks from her heart . I look at her and feel she is going through a faze . its not her . Its not what she is truly feeling . Thats just what I feel . All in all . They are both beautiful young women . keep doing your thing girls !!! I hope we can meet and get drunk together one day !!! peace and love !!!!!

  3. I absolutely adore Saki’s style!! Does she have a blog as well?

  4. Saki had a blog that she was doing, but I don’t think it’s been updated lately. We are working on an interview now, so I’ll check and see what’s up. Here is the previous site I know about:

  5. I actually prefer Yuitan out of these girls, just because she looks more natural in the pictures. Saki has this weird look on her face, as if she wasn’t shure how to be in the picture. And that kinda takes away the “niceness” of her outfit.

  6. Stephanie

    they both have wonderful outfits <3 the lady with the red hair has nice tights!

  7. Just let me know which one is naughty and which one is nice.
    THey BOTH look awesome!

  8. at first I thought that the girl on the right is a singer Miliyah Kato.
    they both look so great!! ^^

  9. omg amazing shoes on saki! wish we got a close up of them from the side so i could see the heel better.