Guitar-toting Harajuku girl w/ Dip Dye Hair, Lots of Leather & Hello Kitty

Here is one of our favorite girls to see around Harajuku – it’s Lisa 13! Lisa is a Japanese high school student who can speak English, and she’s always really fun to talk to. She also plays guitar, as you can see by the large guitar case strapped to her back.

Lisa’s look features a studded leather jacket, leather pants, leather platform buckle boots, a studded leather purse, and a Motionless in White band t-shirt. Accessories include a cross necklace, a razor blade necklace, a “Zombie Killer 13” necklace (maybe it’s Wednseday 13?), a Hello Kitty lock necklace, round sunglasses, beanie, and of course her customized guitar case with a Slipknot patch and a large cross made of safety pins. Lisa’s dip dye pink/blue hair is also a key element of her look.

Lisa’s favorite types of music are hard rock, emo, and punk. If you’d like to know more about her, check her out on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook or Instagram.

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  1. Wow~! She looks sooooooooo awesome~~~!!! I especially love the heels~ ^__^

  2. Wow, she’s really cool! I wish I meet a girl like her someday ;)

    Above all, the shoes and hair color are the most eye catching for me.


  3. KawaiiKiwi

    Uh, not to sure about anything but the shoes. I’m not a punk! Or a goth or whatever she is.

  4. あくま悪魔

    Always so well put together. She is so cool. And a very nice girl! I hope one day I may meet her in person!

  5. slipnot's KOR-FAN

    한국에 있는 나도 슬립낫 팬임니다!!
    이 언니 스타일 완전 맘에 든다♥
    나중에 하라주쿠로 가서 쇼핑 많이 하고싶다.

  6. Lisa13, you’re gorgeous, honey! You have a very unique style and I love it so much! So original! ;3.
    Greetings from Argentina! ♥