Guns n’ Roses, Vivienne Westwood & George Cox

This friendly guy and girl are Noguchi (the guy on the left), a 20-year-old student, and Hiroike (the girl on the right), a 19-year-old Bunka fashion college student. Noguchi is wearing a pin-striped Vivienne Westwood suit. The blazer features red trim and a “VM” logo on the pocket. He’s also wearing a gray hoodie from Uniqlo and a Guns n’ Roses t-shirt.

Hiroike’s short print dress and denim jacket are from used/resale shops. She’s also wearing skeleton tights and George Cox platform shoes. Her accessories are from L-net, Vivienne Westwood, & Spice and Paul Smith and include a fur stole, buttons, a wide leather belt, a necklace with a bottle and two wristbands. Her gray nylon bag is from H&M.

We asked about their favorite music and Hiroike told us she likes AKB48.
Guns n Roses, Vivienne Westwood & George Cox

Vivienne Westwood jacket

Vivienne Westwood pants & Oxford shoes

Fur stole & buttons

Buttons & bottle necklace

Vivienne Westwood bracelet

H&M bag

Skeleton tights & George Cox shoes

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  1. She is cute :) And has same tights and badge like Kyary Payu Pamyu has :>

  2. Yeeh,i has those tights too.Bought for Halloween,but as i see ,i can wear them casually .
    guy looks great,good sense of style.not so sure about hers outfit..

  3. Are they dating? They both look so adorable and together is like an super cool mix of cuteness and great style! >_<

  4. Both of their outfits are cute! I love the guys suit and how he wore it so casually. The girl style is very cute I love her dress and accessories.