Guy’s Funky Fruit Sarueru & Girl’s Clef de Sol Layers

We photographed this cool couple in Harajuku. The guy on the right is Takuya, a 19-year-old specialty school student. He’s wearing a voluminous pair of drop crotch pants (sarueru) from Funky Fruit with a double breasted coat. His accessories include a silver earring, black leather shoulder bag and a stuffed toy hanging from his bag.

The girl on the left with auburn hair is Hitomi, also a 19-year-old specialty school student. Her outfit from Clef de Sol and Earth includes a cozy knit cowl scarf, jacket and layered skirts and tops. Her spotted boots from Arrow are worn with black tights and lace-trimmed socks.

Hitomi’s accessories include a star hair ornament and a Vivienne Westwood necklace. Her leather and plush purse is from E hyphen world gallery — she also has a stuffed toy decoration.

We asked the pair about their favorite music and fashion sources. Takuya said he likes to listen to The Gazette and ViViD while Hitomi mentioned Aqua Timez and Cure Rubbish. She also told us her favorite fashions are from Vivienne Westwood, Arrow and Earth.

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