Guy’s H&M Pullover & Beams Pants vs. Girl’s Sly Suit & Marc Jacobs Bag

Here’s a couple that we met in Shinjuku who we felt did a good job at expressing their individual taste through their style choices. Both are beauticians and 20 years old.

The cute girl on the right is Maiko. Her black jacket and pants from Sly have great lines and plenty of button details. An animal print scarf tied around her waist adds print interest to her outfit.

Maiko’s accessories from Forever 21 and other shops include a cascading long earring, ear studs, two delicate chain necklaces and an ankle bracelet. Her rocking horse shoes form Tokyo Bopper have lace trim that we haven’t seen previously. She’s carrying a Marc Jacobs logo bag.

The guy on the left in a black hat is Sugimoti. He’s wearing an H&M pullover top with black pants from Beams. His main accessory is an Adidas sports watch. He’s also wearing black dress shoes and carrying a canvas duffel bag.

We asked the couple about their favorite fashion sources and Maiko told us she likes Sly and American Apparel.

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  1. Betsuru_Chan

    They’re both really cute ^^ Her black jacket totally rocks

  2. Love her version of horse rocking shoes! I love those shoes and hers make them look ‘more delicate’. They make such a cture pair!

  3. give a fuck about her marc jacobs bag, but that black pantttts!<3<3 why didnt take more pictures ;__;!

  4. Nice~~~ love her rocking shoe with lace and her earstuds~~~ the guy dressing with shoes Tgt was amazing ^^

  5. I love both outfits, except for the girls shoes. I don’t mean to offend anyone, but often I see outfits here and I love them, but then I scroll down and see really ugly shoes

  6. aww they’re both so cute :) I love Maiko’s pants.

  7. like for now from all photos which I saw (maybe 15..) this guy have best style ^^

  8. Damn! They look cool! Love her outfit! Really stylish!

  9. Kitty Wright

    Hi there

    I love the rocking horse shoes, any store in Japanese handle overseas order, love to buy a pair !!! please help.