Guys’ Jeremy Scott & Hiro Summer Wear w/ Geta Sandals

These Harajuku guys are showing some cool summer style. The blonde guy on the right is Tomoya, an 18-year-old student. His studded blue sports shirt and star-print pants are from Jeremy Scott. He’s also wearing blue sneakers with a star print, though he didn’t tell us where they came from.

Tomoya’s accessories include an awesome dinosaur ring from Zaorick and a Ralph Lauren bag. When we asked him about his favorite fashion brands and stores, he named Jeremy Scott, Zaorick and Dog Harajuku. He also told us that his favorite music is by The Mirraz.

The guy on the left is Ken, also an 18-year-old student. He’s wearing a print hoodie and matching shorts from Hiro, which he said is his favorite shop. His shoes are traditional Japanese geta. Ken’s accessories from Aquvii include a skull ring and a black wraparound ring

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