Guy’s Laitinen Shirt & Shorts vs. Girl’s Resale Skirt & Lace-up Vest

Here’s a stylish couple who have coordinated their fashion choices in an amazing way. The guy on the left with asymmetrical hair and white-framed glasses is 21-year-old Taka. His black-and-white shirt and shorts are from Laitinen. He’s also wearing black boots and black socks and carrying a black backpack from Comme des Garcons.

Taka’s accessories include a single hoop earring, a silver pendant necklace, a black bracelet shaped like a pair of lips, a chunky metal bracelet, some rubberband bracelets and two eye-catching rings.

The cute girl on the right with her hair in double buns is Sui, a 22-year-old college student. Her black-and-white print skirt and white lace-up vest are from resale shops. She’s also wearing striped socks and Dr. Martens shoes. Her accessories from Vivienne Westwood, Nadia and Dicokick include a large red cross around her neck, a Vivienne Westwood logo necklace, dripping Chanel logo earrings, two large gold rings and a brightly-colored watch.

Her cute dinosaur print purse is from Candy Stripper and is decorated with a large Monomania button. She also has a button with a picture of a lamb pinned to her dress.

Taka told us his favorite fashion source is Faline. Sui likes Ne-Net for fashion and her favorite music is by Shakalabbits.
Laitinen shirt & shorts vs. resale skirt & lace-up vest

Black-and-white top & white-framed glasses

Hoop earrning & asymmetrical hair

Comme des Garcons backpack

Lips bracelet & eye-catching rings

Black socks & boots

Red cross necklace & lace-up vest

Dripping Chanel logo earrings

Candy Stripper purse & Monomania button

Gold & green stone rings

Dr. Martens shoes & striped socks

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  1. COOL CHANEL earrings! I would WEAR those…if my
    EARS were pierced…and if I was a GIRL.

  2. Those earrings are awesome. I love that they guy is wearing silly bands! But I wish he had eyebrows :(

  3. the dude’s hair remind’s me of skrillex’s hair…lol <3

  4. Kei Yuuki

    I should open a Dr Matins outlet in Harajuku. I could make a LOT of money.
    I think they are mandatory to buy when you live there.

  5. Hahah I agree amy, its a shorter version of Skrillex’s hair! Hahaha he reminds me of skrillex only he needs black glasses, and Skrillex I think is better looking…. Awesome clothes though!!!!!

  6. man that bag of hers is truly awesome. any idea where I could get a similar one??