Guy’s Pink-Tipped Hair & Two-Tone Dr. Martens

We photographed this cool guy with pink-tippled hair in Harajuku. Takanobu is a 21-year-old beautician’s assistant. He’s wearing a jacket with ethnic trim from Kingly Mask over a Beams shirt and Uniqlo skinny jeans. His black fringed scarf has a Native American pattern. Accessories include plush knit mittens.

Takanobu’s two-tone shoes are from Dr. Martens and his backpack if from Memento. He told us that his favorite fashion sources are Cannabis, Kingly Mask and Uniqlo and his favorite music is by Ellegarden, The Haitus and Fall Out Boy.

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  1. @startist – Clearly it’s a guy, those sideburns, chin hair and that adam’s apple? Otherwise it’d be a girl with a pretty unfortunately hormone imbalance.

    Great outfit, love the hair.

  2. @startist: of course GUY – it’s not that hard to tell (with the second picture)

    he looks awesome! totally in love <3

  3. He looks great, and his socks are really funny :3

  4. Scarf pulls it all together so well, and I love his hair. Style. <3

  5. Dreaded Queen

    In startist’s defense. I had to take a second look too lol. This is XY movement fashion. I really like the native print though

  6. Amélie

    These are my favorite Doc Martens in the whole world ! ! !