Guy’s Popular Sperm Show Skirt & Jeremy Scott x Adidas Sneakers

This is Koichi, a 20-year-old college student. His two-tone hair and bright graphic t-shirt caught our eye so we asked if we could take some photos. In addition to his top from 4jigen he’s wearing a skirt from Popular Sperm Show that could be a remake and black leggings. His tan bag is from MCM and his cool stars-and-stripes winged sneakers are by Jeremy Scott for Adidas.

Koichi’s accessories from Ambush and Phenomenon include triangle earrings, a studded cuff, an armful of fabric bracelets, twin plastic eyeball rings and another ring that says Pow!

When we asked Koichi about his fashion favorites he told us he likes ACV, 4jigen and Phenomenon. He also said that his favorite music is by Big Mama.

You can follow Koichi on Twitter.

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  1. Whoaa, good looking guy <3
    His shirt is awesome.

  2. Those winged kicks are awesome. J. Scott does interesting work.

  3. Damn! Me love his triangle earrings. Gimme gimme thaaaat earrings <3 :33

  4. Both of the rings he is wearing are from Ambush Design. Just in case you guysdidn’t know ^^

  5. does someone know where to get those (or similar) triangle earrings? I want them sooo bad!