Guy’s Purple Hair, Manish Arora Top & Toga Shorts

This stylish guy with purple hair is a fashion assistant named Shunsuke. He’s wearing a graphic top from Manish Arora, shorts from Toga and short platform boots.

Shunsuke’s accessories from Adeen, KTZ and Exist include an oversized necklace, a silver spiked wrist cuff, a leather wristband, a leather ring and a purple plastic ring. His black leather bag is from Givenchy.

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  1. wow o__o what a beautiful face…

    his look is really really special~

    love the nails, the shoes and his accesoires~

  2. It’s unfair – people with such an fabulous looks look good in anything ;_;
    He seriously is pretty… *staaaaare*
    But I don’t like that necklace – rest of his outfit is nicely matched ^^

  3. Everything about him is beautiful! His face is gorgeous,the hair unique,the shirt I’d do anything to have for myself,and all the accessories are just amazing!

  4. oh my! he is seriously CUTE!! the hair is funky and cool, though for a minute i thought he was wearing a skirt. his eyes are pretty! he could cosplay as hijikata from hakuouki!

  5. Is he real? We humans just aren’t made that perfectly.

  6. His face is very cute and I love the outfit! Especially the t-shirt.
    + his nails are PERFECT *___*

  7. He is gorgeous! I love his hair and his face is beautiful so clean!^^

  8. haha~ I love that he only did the nails on his left hand ’cause I do the same thing xD
    but the entire outfit is amazing… I would sort of take out the necklace though ’cause it’s really chunky and looks a bit awkies.

  9. Waaah. I can’t stop staring at his face. He is sooo handsome.

  10. Shinji_Ayu

    omg i really love his outfit!!! really really nice *^*

  11. Wow! That look is just unbelievable! The colour combination is perfect, and the way the necklace interacts with the print of the T-shirt… I have no words! And, of course, those glitter nails… *OO*

  12. I was saying how much I’d marry him, then I saw his nails….

  13. Ohh my god he is amazing i’m in love with his face, his hair, his style… It’s a perfect harmony and all suits him incredibly perfectly