Guy’s Raf Simons Metal Collar Shirt & Contrast Cuff Pants

This cool guy with asymmetrical hair is Aran. He’s wearing a blue sleeveless zipper-back shirt with a metal standup collar and contrast-cuff pants, both from Raf Simons. His tasseled shoes with extended soles are from Juun J.

Aran’s fabric and leather laptop case is from Juun J. When we asked Aran about his favorite shops and brands, he said he likes the Tokyo Select shop blxxkk and LHP.

Aran is active on Twitter.

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  1. HE IS SEXY <3 Love his outfit :D But the shoes confuse me too.

  2. I looove this outfit, and I love this guy’s style! I’m a fan of all the street snaps you’ve taken of him! *O*

    I’m not usually a fan of Raf Simmons, but this look is absolutely flawless.