Black Diamond Gyaru Sachiko w/ D.I.A. Leopard Print, Furry Boots & Feathers

Here’s Sachiko, a proud gyaru mama and a member of the Japanese kuro gyaru unit Black Diamond. We snapped Sachiko in the gyaru capitol of the world, Shibuya.

Sachiko told us her outfit – which features a leopard and black off-the-shoulder top, denim short-shorts and furry boots – is all from the gyaru fashion brand D.I.A. (the favorite brand of most Black Diamond members we talked to). Accessories include chain necklaces with coin charms, a wide belt, several feather charms (she told us she likes feathers), a cross ring and a chain ring. Her hair and makeup add a lot to the look as well.

If you’d like to know more about Sachiko, you can check out her personal blog or visit the Black Diamond Facebook page. She is also featured in our recent Black Diamond kuro gyaru profile.

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  1. She looks beautiful! I usually don’t like the kuro gyaru styles but she isn’t over tanned or wearing the really thick makeup and fake lashes. Well done and more natural looking gyaru, you go girl!

  2. She is my inspiration. I am trying to perfect a gyaru look and she is my idol. Let’s all promote the Black Diamond Gyaru girls! I will try my best to help the dream of global gyaru!

  3. zmeowiez

    I wish I could dress like this, but I live in American and I’m only 15. ;–; Whenever I show my friends they think it looks too fake or just weird, but I think it looks awesome! Also, she’s freaking gorgeous! I would never expect her to be a mother!