Black Diamond Gyaru Suzu w/ Thirteen Japan Jacket & Suede Booties

Here is Suzu, a kuro gyaru from the Japanese gyaru unit Black Diamond. We snapped Suzu on the street in Shibuya.

All of the items in Suzu’s outfit are from the brands d.i.a. and Thirteen Japan (XIII) – including her skinny jacket, graphic top, wide belt with belt buckle, short shorts, and studded suede booties.

If you’d like to know more about Suzu, you can check out her personal blog or visit the Black Diamond Facebook page. She is also featured in our recent Black Diamond kuro gyaru profile.

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  1. hate it. i know that hate is weakness but i guess i’m weak then.

  2. Tragic Angel

    I admit it, some days I love this look and do a diluted version. Although, without all the colour and make, does she look all that ? Prob cute though, just not the same.