Gyda Patched Jeans & Creepers vs. WC by Wakatsuki Chinatsu Shirt & One Way Sandals

Here are two Harajuku girls wearing some cool denim pieces. The girl on the left with striking blue lenses, a tattoo and a face stud (she didn’t tell us her name) is wearing patched skinny jeans and a white top, both from Gyda. Her leopard print bag is from X-Girl and her accessories include a Baby-G G-Shock watch. Her shoes are black creepers.

The girl on the right is Saya, a 22-year-old beautician’s assistant. She’s wearing a denim shirt from WC by Wakatsuki Chinatsu with a Live and Let Live t-shirt and skinny jeans. Her platform sandals are from One Way. Accessories from Monkey Bite and other shops include long beaded earrings with feathers, two cool rings, a coin bracelet and several beaded bracelets.

We asked the girls about their favorite fashion sources. The girl on the left said she likes Gyda and Kawi Jamele. Saya said she likes Monkey Bite and she also told us she likes reggae music.

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  1. and girl on your right has a thick and healthy hair…

  2. Dreaded Queen

    They r stylish up until the fanny pack. I’m sorry it’s still a fanny pack no matter if u turn it sideways or upside down lol. I was hoping that they wouldn’t ever come back .

  3. Gah, the girl on the right! Her jeans are so awesome!

  4. Both have really cool outfits! I love the girl on the left’s jeans, and the girl on the right’s wedges.

  5. Am I the only one concerned of those scars on the left girl’s hands? @@
    Anyways, I love her style.