Haight & Ashbury + Mikiri Hassan & Spooky?

This friendly couple caught our eye in Harajuku. The cute blonde girl on the right is Komaba, a 19-year-old college student. Her white cotton blouse and skirt are from Spooky? Here straw hat with flowers and netting is from the Haight & Ashbury resale shop in the Shimokitazawa area of Tokyo. Her Writtenafterwards bag is made from a lace stuffed animal.

On the left is a 24-year-old bandman named Takeda. He’s wearing an embroiderd shirt from Mikiri Hassin (his favorite brand) and workman’s overalls made from striped ticking that he got at Haight & Ashbury. His huarache shoes are from Toro and he’s carrying a canvas and leather bag from Eatable by Mikiri Hassin.

Komaba said her favorite shops are Meno, Haight & Ashbury and Keisuke Kanda. Both Komaba and Takeda are fans of the music of Wiz. Komamba also likes Jeepta and Qururi. You can see Komaba’s website here.
Haight & Ashbury + Mikiri Hassan & Spooky?

Vintage Spooky? blouse

Vintage straw hat with flowers

Writtenafterwards animal bag

Leather shoes & lace socks

Mikiri Hassin embroidered shirt

Eatable by Mikiri Hassin bag

Cloth & button wristband

Toro huarache shoes

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  1. The girl is too cute *_* love the guy’s overalls.

  2. This is GREAT! I love the whole antique/dust bowl/1930’s depression era fashion! So cool. And I love the old apron/feed sack attached to the girls dress! I did a feature on my blog of Haight Ashbury too! I LOVE that store!