Hakui Vintage Style w/ Polka Dot Skirt & Round Glasses in Harajuku

Here’s a 19-year-old Japanese student named Shihori who we met in Harajuku. Most of her outfit came from Hakui, which appears to be a vintage clothing shop in Machida (a suburb of Tokyo).

Shihori is wearing a knit sweater over a black button up shirt from Hakui, a long belted polka dot skirt from Hakui, ruffle socks, and black high-heel loafers (also from Hakui). Accessories include a black bowler hat, round glasses, earrings from Panama Boy, a vintage fur, a YOSHiKO CREATiON PARiS necklace, a braided metal bracelet, a three-flower ring from Forever21, and a small vintage leather handbag from Hakui.

Shihori’s favorite fashion brand is Hakui and her favorite band is Number Girl.

Click on any street snap to enlarge it.

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  1. Uh, it’s so annoying that everytime someone is wearing fur or leather there’s a bunch of people whining how horrible it is to be wearing an animal product. If you are personally “against” wearing fur or/and leather, don’t wear it. Real leather and fur is better looking, warmer and more resistant than fake. So, just shut up and let people wear whatever they want and let them live their lives in peace.

  2. stopfurtrade

    It’s so annoying every time someone is wearing fur and there’s a bunch of people who are defending their rights to wear it. Just like they have a “right” to wear fur, i have a right to raise my voice against it. It isn’t better looking; it is disgusting. That is a real animal on her neck, and i doubt it serves any purpose other than a mere fashion statement. That argument, that people should just shut up and let others wear what they want is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. I might want to wear human skin on my neck, would you defend my right to wear what I want in peace then? Who decides that a human’s life is more precious than an animal’s? Fur is murder, and that’s all there is to say about it.

  3. AMEN to you Stopfurtrade…fur is death. Just as aside….I do *love* this site. It is my first time posting here so I wanted to add that:)

  4. as well as anybody has the right to wear wathever they want to wear, animals have the right to LIVE and to enjoy their lives without been killed and skinned alive or not. “Blabla” you don’t have any valid argument defending fur and leather. I’m sorry.