Handmade Japanese Kimono on the Street in Tokyo For Coming of Age Day

Fuka is a Japanese fashion student who we often run into in Harajuku. This time, we were lucky to meet her in Shibuya on Coming of Age Day 2020. Fuka made her own furisode kimono by hand to celebrate reaching the age of 20. We want to congratulate her and we wish the best for her future.

Fuka is wearing a beautiful handmade kimono featuring vintage/antique patterns, lace, and tassels. Her small accessories and obi belt are also beautiful and her plush bear chain bag is cute. Fuka’s hair is done up in a kimono style, but with a plush teddy bear as the centerpiece. She is also wearing Tokyo Bopper platform shoes.

Fuka’s favorite fashion brands are Gunifuni and Pinnap. She likes the music of Judy & Mary. Follow Fuka on Instagram for more of her handmade fashion. Happy Coming of Age Day!!

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