Handmade Japanese Streetwear Styles w/ Face Masks, Kanji Embroidery, Mandarin Collar Denim Jackets, Oh Pearl & Chrome Hearts

While taking a walk along the streets of Shinjuku, we came across Nasu and Tatsuya, two 18-year-old fashion college students.

At the left is Nasu, who is dressed in a blue denim outfit which consists of a handmade mandarin collar denim jacket with contrast yellow cuffs and pipings, matching handmade denim pants which feature balloon thighs and skinny silhouette with a yellow kanji print strip. He styled his denim suit with a purple t-shirt from United Athle, donned yellow socks and stepped into a pair of remake dark blue wingtip leather shoes with yellow laces. His accessories include a leather mask with contrast yellow stitching, a Turquoise Wing silver necklace, a gold chain accessory and a silver knuckle ring from Oh Pearl. In addition, Nasu is carrying a remake leather bag with contrast gold kanji print and red handles. Nasu’s favorite fashion designer is Christopher Nemeth, and he likes listening to the music of Kandy Town. Check out Nasu’s Instagram and his official website here.

Meanwhile, Tatsuya is wearing a black denim outfit consisting of a handmade mandarin collar denim jacket with contrast white kanji prints and matching pants with a distressed hem. He styled his denim suit with a matching purple t-shirt – also from United Athle – and finished off his look with remake black leather lace-up shoes. He accessorized his style with a handmade studded mask with safety pin embellishments, a silver Chrome Hearts necklace, and a handmade ring. In addition, Tatsuya is carrying a matching remake leather bag with white kanji prints and red bag handles. Tatsuya loves to shop at MYOB, and he likes the music of The Blue Hearts. Follow Tatsuya on Instagram and his official website.

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