Handmade Japanese Streetwear in Harajuku w/ Ash Grey Hair, Layered Tops, Handmade Cutout Jeans w/ Rainbow Straps, Kawi Jamele & Bershka

Sporting an eye-catching ensemble on the Harajuku street is Zaki, a 19-year-old fashion college student with ash grey hair.

He stepped out in a black pinstripe blazer, worn over a black long sleeve fishnet top and layered with a black leather zip-up cropped top with rhinestone embellishments. Zaki paired his tops with handmade denim pants, which feature front leg cutouts with rainbow belt detailing. He stepped into a pair of blue crocodile leather lace-up heeled boots from Bershka and accessorized with Kawi Jamele items such as black visor sunglasses, silver hoop earrings, a silver moon necklace layered with a chain necklace, a white grommet belt, and multiple silver rings. In addition, Zaki is carrying a Louis Vuitton purse hanging from his belt loop.

Zaki loves listening to music by Lady Gaga. You can follow him on Instagram for more of his custom street fashion.

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