Handmade Ruffled Skirt & Baby Shoup Bag

Rin is a 17-year-old student who’s put together a colorful look with a yellow resale top, bright pink belt and a handmade yellow skirt with blue, black and pink ruffles. Her black lace stockings provide contrast to her pink pumps from a Takeshita Dori shop. Her large purple bag is from Baby Shoup.

Eye-catching plastic jewelry and hair pins provide even more color in Rin’s outfit. A silver stud below her lip adds an edgy touch to her look.

Rin likes to shop at ANAP and the Closet Child resale shop. Her favorite band is Maximum the Hormone.
Handmade ruffled skirt & Baby Shoup bag

Yellow top & colorful plastic jewelry

Plastic hair clips

Purple hair bow

Purple Baby Shoup bag

Plastic & silver bracelets & rings

Black lace stockings & pink pumps

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  1. Love this! Super cute, pretty makeup, awesome accessories and I love all the colour! So creative! I want to live in Japan!! :D

  2. That style is incredible, and she really pulls it off in a classy way. <3

  3. cool shoes, nice accessories, pretty make-up, great dress, beautiful belt… her style is just perfect!!! xD

  4. Her outfit is wonderful and she has awesome music taste ;)
    She’s really pretty too ^^ *envy*

  5. Not really a fan of the clothes its more my friends style than mine (I perfer dark colours), I do like like the make up though and she very pretty =)

  6. Dominique

    very colorful. There’s alot going on in this outfit. It works well for her. Plus I’m lovin that skirt!

  7. Its oozing cute!!!! This is how my five year old dresses.