Handmade Shawl & Body Line Rocking Horse Shoes

We photographed 21-year-old Lisa in Harajuku. Her blonde and green hair is styled with bangs and braids. Her outfit consists of a black t-shirt, denim vest and handmade pink crochet shawl, all from resale shops. Her short blue cotton skirt is from Sango and her wooden rocking horse shoes, worn with lace-trimmed socks, are from Body Line.

Lisa’s accessories from Bunkaya Zakkaten include an enameled butterfly hair clip and a handmade necklace embellished with crochet, fabric flowers and a doll’s head. Her fingernails are painted blue and pink and decorated with tiny gems and she’s wearing a pewter ring. Her fabric tote bag with a heart logo is from Nadia.
Handmade Shawl & Body Line Rocking Horse Shoes

Pink crochet shawl & handmade necklace

Blonde & green braids w/ butterfly clip

Handmade necklace w/ doll's head

Nadia heart logo bag

Embellished nails & pewter ring

Body Line rocking horse shoes

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  1. The best part of this outfit really is her nails.

  2. wow not bad!! Really nice ^-^ I only suggest another hairstyle. Thsi one is not wrong, but I think she would look better with a new haircut so she could express herself better.

    c-ya, peace.

  3. @SONYcaxs are you kidding? I LOVE the hairstyle, very unique!! (and pretty!) *-*

  4. the tote is perfect in all it’s cuteness I want to have it myself 8C

  5. why does she wear the dolls I have seen this a couple of times now
    can someone explain me why they wear it :o?

  6. ^agrees with Clarice! <3

    LOVE the butterfly clip!!!! <3 <3 <3

  7. I love her shoes! they look hard to walk in though lol, And I love the dolls head.