Hanjiro & Kinji Resale with Vivienne Westwood

This friendly girl with an asymmetrical haircut is Sato, a 16-year-old high school student. Her black sequin-embellished top is from Hanjiro, a resale shop. Her black skirt is from another resale shop named Kinji. She’s also wearing a Vivienne Westwood necklace and carrying a red heart-shaped purse.

Her ripped leggings and black open-toed shoes are the finishing touches to her outfit.

Sato’s favorite store is G2? When we asked about her favorite music she told us Kaera Kimura, Tokyo Incidents and Dust Box.
Hanjiro & Kinji Resale with Vivienne Westwood

Sequinned resale top

Asymmetrical hair

Red vinyl heart-shaped bag

Ripped leggings & open-toed shoes

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  1. I have this necklace~ :D can be bought in Takeshita doori in Harajuku. >w<

  2. I lover her leggings and hair! I cannot wait to go to Japan one day.

  3. i love the japanese fashion :3
    me and my friend lydia wanna visit japan when we leave school,
    i have millions of pairs of tights that i have destroyed to look just like this last year :’)
    and soon i should have pink&blue hair when i go on study leave before my exams :o
    wish my school would allow it now though :’)