Harajuku Guy w/ Lilac Hair, ankoROCK Furry Hat, Polka Dots & Platform Boots

We’ve snapped Masaya around the streets of Harajuku before, and his look are always original. He is 21 years old and he’s active on Twitter.

Masaya is wearing a polka dot shirt and a bag from ankoROCK with sarueru pants and platform lace-up boots. His look also includes a furry hat (from ankoROCK, his favorite shop) covering part of his lilac hair, a handmade steampunk necklace, a silver cuff bracelet, and Monomania rings (including a silver spinal cord).

Masaya told us that his favorite band is The Gazette.

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  1. Awwww! It’s rare see Masaya, but I always love the way of he’s dress up. *And he’s sexy. :p * :3

    And his boots!!! I had one pair of them so many years ago. I miss use them (they messed up). :’)