Harajuku Girls in Banana Chips Summer Street Fashion

We met Ayaka and Kirari on the street in Harajuku.

Ayaka – on the left – is wearing a straw hat, pink bow and lace dress, and blue check platform wedges worn with ruffle socks. All of her items are from the Japanese brand Banana Chips. Ayaka’s favorite fashion brands are Banana Chips and WEGO and she enjoys the music of Arashi. Find Ayaka on Instagram for more info.

Kirari – on the right – is also wearing a straw hat and lace trimmed bow dress dress from Banana Chips. Her Banana Chips check platforms are red. She likes Banana Chips and Burberry as well as the music of Hey! Say! Jump! Find Kirari on Instagram for more pics.

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  1. Andrea Camillary

    Wow that is a cute summer dress. And I love the cute summer hat which is very lovely to wear for the summer time. And it’s like the two girls are wearing the same summer dress. Which is really cute. And I wish to have a cute summer dress.
    # cute summer dress