Harajuku Beauty School Students in Spinns, WEGO, Bershka & Esperanza Fashion

Shari and Hinako are two 19-year-old beauty school students we recently met in Harajuku. Both of them were wearing Spinns and WEGO items.

Shari is pictured to the left, with a bob hairstyle and a headband. She is wearing a white unicorn t-shirt and acid wash jeans from Spinns with heart suspenders. Her “pajama party” tote, choker, rings and bracelets are from WEGO, and her creepers are Esperanza. Shari likes to shop at Candy Stripper and Nadia Harajuku. You can follow her on Twitter.

Hinako is the one pictured to the right, with shorter hair. She is wearing a “Malibu” tank top from Bershka with a WEGO skirt, Bershka tote bag and quilted Spinns slipons. Her jewelry is from Forever21. Her favorite shops are Sly and Moussy and she’s active on Twitter.

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  1. Eduardo Vargas

    girl on the right has a really pretty smile