Harajuku Duo in Black Fashion w/ Gucci, Uniqlo, Dr. Martens, Saint Laurent Paris & Resale Items

We spotted these 20-year-olds – both wearing all black – on the street in Harajuku. This is what we found out about their looks:

Ken’s t-shirt is from Uniqlo and his pants are resales. His drawstring bag is Gucci and his shoes are Dr. Martens. He is also wearing H&M sunglasses and a bracelet from Saint Laurent Paris, his favorite brand. Ken likes listening to amazarashi and he’s active on Twitter and Instagram.

Mashuu is wearing a resale skirt, top and jacket. Her satchel is from Lu Felice and her sneakers are also resales. Kujaku is her favorite place to shop and Haruka to Miyuki is her favorite band. Find her on Twitter for more information.

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