Harajuku Girl in Bubbles, E Hyphen World Gallery BonBon & Mon Lily

Rinalee is a 20-year-old apparel worker we spotted taking a stroll along the street in Harajuku.

Rinalee is wearing a black mesh top from Bubbles Harajuku, a white pencil skirt with black ruffles at the waist, black lace socks and platform sandals from mon Lily. Her accessories include black bows for her twin tails, a bow choker, black and white painted nails with hearts design, a heart ring, a lock multi layer bracelet, and a black bag with ruffled edges from E Hyphen World Gallery BonBon.

Rinalee loves to shop at E Hyphen World Gallery BonBon and loves to listen to anisong. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram for more info.

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