Harajuku Bunny Girl in Zebra Print, Cuffed Pants & Boots

This is an 18-year old Japanese student named Sasaki. We met her on the street in Harajuku. Carrying a large cute rabbit, she was hard to miss.

Sasaki’s wearing a striped top that she picked up a shop in Shimokitazawa under a zebra print shawl, blue cuffed pants from Spinns Harajuku, and black boots that she also bought in Harajuku. Accessories – some of which came from Nadia Harajuku – include a studded leather bracelet, a Vivienne Westwood-style armour ring, and a metal ring in the shape of a bow. Her rabbit friend – which doubles as a backpack – also came from Harajuku.

Sasaki told us that her favorite fashion designer is Vivienne Westwood and her favorite band is Tokyo Incidents (Sheena Ringo).

Click any of the street snaps to enlarge them.

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  1. I like her hair and her boots… but the bunny is just bizarre! :3

  2. OMG. I think I just fell in love… If I saw her on the street I would probably propose :p It really does look like she just crawled out of bed.. but she can look so beautiful with hardly any makeup

  3. Love this~
    It’s kinda how I would dress, if I had a big backpack like that :3 must get one xD
    Must say her make up is sweet, it’s not overdone, so it’s lovely は♡

  4. Nisu everything ESP the outfit that matches bunny bunny!!!! Lova her out of “jail ” kinda look sleepy sleepy hahas

  5. she looks amazing.
    love how she doesn’t seem to wear a lot of make-up… makes it even cuter

  6. I think she wants to look very childish and sweet. But she just looks so adorable. I really love her hair

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