Harajuku Girl w/ Candye Syrup x Amu Tee, Ombre Twin Tails & Liz Lisa

We met Kyaori – a beautician from the popular Tokyo salon Candye Syrup wearing a pastel fashion and pastel ombre hair – on the streets of Harajuku.

She was wearing a Candye Syrup x Amu art print shirt, plaid shorts, light blue socks, and platform gold creepers with ribbon laces from Liz Lisa. She accessorized with a white leather choker, purple ribbons for her twin tails, decora nails, ear studs and lip piercings to complete her look.

Kyaori loves shopping at Candye Syrup. You can follow her on Twitter for more info on her.

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  1. Andrea Camillary

    Omg! Talk about kawaii fashion. I so love the kawaii fashions, although the gold shoes is really awesome. And the kawaii color that stands out really cute. Overall I love the kawaii fashion.