Harajuku Girl w/ Cat Eye Makeup, Resale Fashion & Underground Creepers

Ketsumo is a 17-year-old resale-fashion-loving student who we see around Harajuku quite often. Her personal sense of style is unique and we’re always happy to take a few street snaps!

When we met Ketsumo this time, she was wearing a black and white graphic tied top from Funktique with a t-shirt from the Koenji resale shop Mouse, print pants (looks like the Fila logo) also from Funktique, and Underground animal print creepers. Accessories include a flower headband, a necklace, several bracelets from Bubbles Harajuku (vintage shop), a smiley face ring, and a green fringe bag that she picked up at a flea market. Her cat eye makeup and hair falls also add to the look.

Ketsumo told us that her favorite shops include Funktique, Pin Nap, and Bubbles (all resale shops). She is active on Twitter if you want to know more!

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