Harajuku Cat Lover in Nadia, Jouetie & Spinns Dinosaurs

17-year old student Emi was strolling in Harajuku wearing a combination of kitties and dinosaurs, so we immediately knew we had to take her picture.

Emi is wearing a T-shirt dress, printed with a white cat, and a pair of sheer tights with cat drawings at the knees – both of which were bought from Nadia, one of her favorite shops. Emi’s canvas bag is from the American Apparel x WC by Chinatsu Wakatsuki collection, and her fringe and studs white creepers are from Jouetie, another one of her favorite shops. She is also wearing a chunky chain necklace with three colorful dinosaurs, by Spinns.

Emi’s favorite music includes Yuki, Big Bang, and Silent Siren. You can find more about her by following her Twitter, @eminopey.

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  1. Gordon Tan

    Wow, first time comment; long-time reader. After seeing so many people sport the American Apparel bag, it was nice to see a clever little spoof of it. Would like to go back to Asakusa some day since it had so much charm.

  2. like the shoes, wonder if boy can get the same style of that shoes

  3. micro_ang

    This girl is adorable! Love the cat dress and tights. Wish we had Nadia in Aus!