Harajuku Trio w/ Chanel, Tokyo Bopper & Lilac Bob Hairstyle

We met this stylish & eclectic trio in Harajuku: Sayoko, Aya and Yuta (from left to right). While we were taking the photos this time, at least two in this group are photographers themselves.

You might remember Yuta as the artist/photographer who took the Hirari Ikeda mermaid pictures earlier this year. Here, he’s wearing a digital print t-shirt from the Japanese brand Facetasm over a net top, with a pair of Uniqlo black jeans. His net bag is from Journal Standard and he’s wearing New Balance sneakers with black socks. We also noted his jersey headband, which he is wearing with a bun, and his big watch and zigzag ring. His favorite place to shop is Nozomi Ishiguro and he listens to Quruli often. You can find his personal artwork online at his website, enokiyuta.com.

Aya is 21 and she wears her hair in a short lilac bob. She is wearing a black t-shirt over a velvet burgundy dress, both of which are American Apparel. Her graphic tote bag is Moshimo and her platform sandals are Chanel, worn with red nail polish. She sports cat-eye makeup, several earrings in each ear, and a chain necklace at the base of the neck. She has a rose tattoo on one arm, and we loved her discreet ring, too. Aya is into electro music, and you can find her photography site here.

Last, but not least, Sayoko is a 19 year old student. She’s wearing a Muji white shirt-dress, all buttoned up, with a Bunkaya Zakkaten backpack. Her platform maryjanes are Tokyo Bopper, and she wears them with number print socks. Her accessories include cat eye shaped glasses in havana, a silver pendant necklace, a hand-shaped earring and lots of rings – which were bought from Vivienne Westwood and Aquvii. Sayoka’s favorite shops are Comme des Garcons and Limi Feu, while her favorite music is Creep Hyp.

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  1. Sammyswisso

    Ichiban clock necklace & gothic style cut off hand earrings ! ♥ ♪ ♫ † ۞

  2. Love the hand earring most.. Well almost. That guy’s beard looks almost drawn on, it’s fascinating xD