Taiga & Shunbo w/ Christian Dada, Alice Black & Blackmeans in Harajuku

Taiga and Shunbo are two fixtures of the Harajuku street fashion scene. They each work at an uber-cool Harajuku boutique: Taiga at Christian Dada, and Shunbo at Come As You Are.

On the left is 17-year-old student Taiga. He’s wearing a Christian Dada outfit with high waist pants, an embroidered sweatshirt, pointy creepers, a simple ring and necklace. Taiga told us that he likes the music of Big Bang. For more info, check out his personal Twitter.

Shunbo is 19, and sporting a pink mohawk and several facial piercings. He’s wearing a printed shirt with ripped, patched jeans and a jacket from his favorite Japanese fashion brand, Blackmeans. He told us his accessories are from Blackmeans and Alice Black, and we noticed lots of piercings, rings, and a couple of pouches (including a grenade one). His boots are made of suede, and they feature spikes. Shunbo mentioned he’s into Japanese hardcore, and that he’s also on Twitter.

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  1. i like taigas outfit and shinbus hair and piercings.

  2. Brandon Frye

    They guy on the left obviously find his shoes uncomfortable. He needs proper socks.