Harajuku Duo in Matching Christopher Nemeth Overalls w/ Tokyo Bopper & Vivienne Westwood

We met this overalls-wearing duo in Harajuku and they were nice enough to stop for a few street snaps. This is what we learned about them:

Shizuru is 20 and he works in apparel. He’s wearing a dog print resale shirt with denim overalls by legendary Harajuku designer Christopher Nemeth. His “hello” tote bag is a resale, and his shoes are Belly Button by Tokyo Bopper. He accessorized with a beret and a watch. He likes the Japanese brands Comme des Garcons and Nozomi Ishiguro and he’s a Yuki fan. Check out his Twitter and Instagram for more information.

Mari is 20 and she’s a student. She is also wearing Christopher Nemeth overalls with a resale shirt. Her backpack is Vivienne Westwood and her shoes are Tokyo Bopper. Her accessories include a Vivienne Westwood ashtray necklace, as well as a floral ring, tassel earrings, and a hat. Mari likes shopping from Wall Harajuku and Nozomi Ishiguro, and she’s a fan of One OK Rock. Find out more about her from her Twitter and Instagram.

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