Harajuku Couple in Black w/ Lips Clutches, Emoda, Lad Musician & Vivienne Westwood

We met this stylish couple – carrying matching red lip clutches – in Harajuku. They’re both 20-year-old models.

Yukinn is wearing twin tails and colored contacts. She layered a mesh top from Spinns over an Emoda top. Her culottes are also from Emoda, and her platform boots from Spinns. Her accessories include pieces from H&M, Vivienne Westwood, Justin Davis, and Matilda. Her favorite fashion brands are Vivienne Westwood, Justin Davis, and Pameo Pose, and she listens to Big Bang and Block B. Find Yukinn on Twitter for more information.

Kyo is wearing a t-shirt from Lad Musician with skinny jeans from Zara. His loafers are Dr. Martens, and his accessories are from Vivienne Westwood, Patrick Cox and Salvatore Ferragamo. His favorite designer is Saint Laurent Paris, and his favorite band is Big Bang. You can follow his Twitter profile for more updates.

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