Harajuku Cut Out Remake Street Style w/ Cropped Shirt, Supreme, Camo Pants, Vans Sneakers & M+RC Noir Camouflage Pouch

Meet Kanade, a 20-year-old Japanese student and apparel designer we met on the Harajuku street.

Sporting a peachy pink colored hairstyle, Kanade is dressed in a remake outfit consisting of an orange cut out shoulder cropped shirt with a lollipop center print, purple camouflage print cut out pants, and aqua Vans sneakers remade with kanji prints. Kanade embellished her look with accessories such as a silver chain lighter holder necklace, a silver bracelet, and a chain belt with a Supreme dynamite keychain. In addition, Kanade is toting an M+RC Noir orange camouflage print pouch bag pinned to her pants.

Kanade enjoys the music of Twice, and she is active on Twitter and Instagram.

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