Harajuku Trio in Cute Resale Fashion w/ Tokyo Bopper, Southpaw, MYOB, Candy Stripper & Pompompurin

While walking around the streets in Harajuku, we met this group of 20-year-old students named Kariko, Honokappi and Otowa.

At the right, Kariko with her peach and yellow twin tails is wearing a resale fashion style which features a resale peach gingham dress, yellow socks and turquoise baby doll shoes from Candy Stripper. Her accessories include a Pompompurin plushie bag which she bought online, yellow scrunchies, silver and colorful ear studs, ball chain necklace, colorful rings – some of which are from Swimmer – and an Onsen watch. Kariko’s favorite brand/shop is Candy Stripper and she listens to the music of Creephyp. Follow her on Instagram.

At the middle, Honokappi’s look includes a white turtleneck shirt from M.Y.O.B, zebra print skirt from Faith, opaque tights and Dr. Martens high-cut boots with white laces. She is carrying a Versace handbag, and her accessories include silver earrings, a nose ring, and a Vivienne Westwood watch. Her favorite brand is M.Y.O.B NYC and she loves listening to hip hop music. Honokappi is active on Twitter and Instagram.

At the left, Otowa’s outfit features a Prismic camisole layered over a Southpaw long tee, resale satin pants, and Tokyo Bopper platform sneakers. She is carrying an American Apparel denim tote bag. Otowa loves to shop at Southpaw and she likes listening to Japanese pop singer and songwriter Aiko. Follow Otowa on Instagram for her personal snaps.

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