Harajuku Cute Style w/ Creamy Mami, Horse Shirt & 6%DOKIDOKI

Nana is a cutely-dressed college student who you might remember from our Yoyogi Flea Market snaps this spring. This time, we met her on the street in Harajuku after dark.

Nana is wearing a pretty horse-print top from H&M with a striped E-Hyphen World Gallery miniskirt, sheer socks, and platform sandals from WEGO. She customized her sandals with cute stickers on the soles. Accessories – some of which came from 6%DOKIDOKI and the Disney Store – include a hair bow, a bindi, a sparkling heart necklace, and a hot pink quilted bag with a Creamy Mami star charm.

Nana’s favorite shop is BonBon and she’s a fan of the Japanese singer Jin Akanishi. For more info, find Nana on Twitter!

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  1. Stylish shoes and look overall!~

    Definitely an awesome backdrop. Would love to see more like it ;D

  2. The stickers on the platform shoes were a nice touch!

  3. can you please give me a direct link to these shoes? i want them so badly but can’t find them anwhere

  4. tokyo

    @Trixie – because it’s winter, it looks like the WEGO online store doesn’t have these sandals right now. If you want to search for them, you could search for WEGO and “サンダル” (sandal) and hit image search on Google. Also, the WEGO sub-brand that it shows on the actual shoe itself is “BROWNY”. Sorry I couldn’t be more help & good luck!

  5. You always see old pictures from the 70’s and 80’s with people wearing shirts like hers, but she makes it look so cool and cute.