Harajuku Cute Styles w/ Gingham, Cherry Print, Strawberries & Flowers

These two girls with cute Harajuku street styles are Rinapuu and Yuipuu. They’re both 17-years-old and they’re both students.

Rinapuu is the one to the right, with pink hair and a flower crown. She is wearing a cherry print dress from WEGO with a denim shirt on top. The rest of her outfit is entirely from her favorite shop, WEGO: her red, cross strap platform shoes and her accessories. Rinapuu told us that her favorite band is Hilcrhyme.

Yuipuu, pictured here to the left, is wearing twin tails and a boater hat. Her gathered gingham top is from WEGO, worn with a skirt from E hyphen world gallery. Her “dreamer” backpack is also from WEGO, and her accessories include strawberry earrings, a delicate necklace, glasses, a beads bracelet and ring set. She is wearing her ankle strap platform shoes with crab print socks. Yuipuu told us that she likes to shop at One Spo and WEGO, and that she’s a Kana Nishino fan.

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