Harajuku Decora w/ Biker Jacket, Tulle Skirt, Claw Shoes & 6%DOKIDOKI

Appi-tan is a 15-year-old student who we see often around Harajuku. She is an active participant in Harajuku’s decora subculture.

Appi-tan’s layered outfit features a pink/lavender biker jacket from Glavil by tutuHA, a WC by Wakatsuki Chinatsu t-shirt, and a resale tulle skirt. Her accessories – which came from tutuHA and IChigoUsagiByou – include lots of cute decora hairpins, bows, a headband, a choker, necklaces, pins, a rubber ducky ring, an eyeball pin, a rubber duckies necklace, and a WC tote bag. She is also wearing a 6%DOKIDOKI plush crocodile backpack and WC by Wakatsuki Chinatsu plush claw shoes.

Appi-tan likes shopping at WC by Wakatsuki Chinatsu, Glavil by tutuHA and Glad News, and she’s a fan of Sekai no Owari. She is active on Twitter.

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  1. She is so awesome…there are a few pics of her wearing those hairclips ; )

  2. Amber Hues

    The wings on the back of her jacket are so sick