Harajuku Decora Girls w/ Hair Clips, Tutus, Plush Jackets & Pikachu Bag

We met these two cute decora girls in Harajuku recently, and they agreed to let us snap a few pictures. Both of them are students.

Pictured to the right is Tsunamayomilk, who is sixteen years old and is active on Twitter. She is wearing a plush jacket and colorful tutu skirt with a plushie rabbit muffler. Her plush backpack is from Swimmer and her buckle boots are from Spinns. She is also wearing lots of hair accessories, stickers, rings and bracelets (many from 6%DokiDoki). She told us she likes shopping from ACDC Rag and Swimmer, and she likes listening to Kanjani8.

Fourteen-year-old Sato is pictured to the left. She is wearing a plush top from Super Lovers, a yellow jacket and a tutu from Smile Camp Harajuku. Her accessories (many of which are from Swimmer) include hair pins, facial stickers, bracelets and rings. She is also wearing a polka dot backpack, digital print leggings, plush teddy boots and a Pikachu bag. Sato told us that Swimmer is her favorite place to shop, that she likes listening to Johnny’s West and that she’s on Twitter.

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