Harajuku Decora Girls w/ Tiaras, Hello Kitty, Care Bears & 6%DOKIDOKI

Creamy Sauce and Narumi are two girls who are doing their part to keep the Japanese decora subculture alive. We see them both often in Harajuku, and their looks – like their personalities – are always super colorful and fun.

Creamy Sauce – on the left with pink hair – is wearing a blue cardigan with a mutli-color tulle skirt, colorful socks over colored tights, and silver creepers. Accessories include dual tiaras, decora hair clips, geometric face stickers, a Lego necklace, bows, charms, bubble making supplies, a 6%DOKIDOKI giraffe backpack, countless cute bracelets, and many more kawaii items. For more info, follow Creamy Sauce on Twitter!

On the right with black hair is Narumi. She’s wearing a polka dot top with Hello Kitty shorts, cupcake print knee socks and red lolita shoes. Accessories include a cake hat, cake bag, lots of cute decora hair clips, a giant bow, a 6%DOKIDOKI shooting stars brooch, color necklaces, arm warmers, rings, and a pink backpack decorated with lots of kawaii plush toys (including a Care Bear). You can also find Narumi on Twitter!

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  1. oh my god , the both outfits are sooooo cute .

  2. This Girls Are Beautiful and i love it your culture!!! :3

  3. くりーみーさんとなるみんさん、可愛い!! おめでとうございます!!

  4. しゃねるシャネル

    If i google up decora i mostly see not-really-pretty girls in not-really-pretty fashion. But when i see this i wish to look like them! Although i’m ulzzang x gyaru, and thats a completely diffrent world…

  5. Fantastic pictures- the girls look incredible.

    Can ANYBODY out there tell me what Creamy Sauce is wearing on her wrists: the bow/flower/star-link-snap-looking bracelets that have little cartoon pictures on them? I absolutely ADORE them and MUST have them! If anybody out there is reading this and has ANY idea what they are called or how to find them then please, please, PLEASE drop me a line… they look a little like Sanrio characters but I’m really not sure… does ANYBODY know?? Please help me!

  6. @Alice- The characters on Creamy Sauce’s bracelets are Tamagotchi characters♥