Harajuku Decora Girls w/ Kuroko’s Basketball Goods & Colorful Fashion

Mepura and Creamy Sauce are two of Harajuku most well known decoras. They are also big fans of the Japanese manga Kuroko no Basuke (Kuroko’s Basketball), as you can see from their outfits. Mepura’s second bag is covered in badges from Yowamushi Pedal.

Creamy Sauce – on the right with the tiara – is wearing a teddy bear print top from the Harajuku resale shop Kinji with a polka dot ruffle skirt, berry print knee socks, and pink bow shoes from Yumetenbo. Accessories include lots of cute clips and bows (some of which are handmade), a Kuroko’s Basketball decorated tote bag, and a Kuroko’s Basketball plush doll. Creamy Sauce told us that Harajuku’s Kinji is her favorite shop. To see more pictures of her colorful style, follow Creamy Sauce on Twitter.

Mepura – on the left – is wearing a 6%DOKIDOKI dress with a pastel tulle skirt, purple graphic tights, and pink bow shoes that she purchased online. Accessories include lots of cute 6%DOKIDOKI bows and clips, 6%DOKIDOKI heart rings, countless Kuroko’s Basketball and Yowamushi Pedal badges, a Kuroko’s Basketball plush, and a Swimmer tote bag (also covered in Kuroko’s Basketball fan goods). Mepura’s favorite brands are 6%DOKIDOKI and Nile Perch and she enjoys the music of Miyavi. For more info and pics, find her on Twitter!

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  1. Talk about character obsession, I have never seen so many pins on a single object in my life.
    Incredible patience.