Harajuku Decora w/ Hair Clips, Super Lovers, Toy Story & IChigoUsagiByou

Narumin is a 16-year-old student. When not at school, she is bringing color, fun, and cheer to the streets of Harajuku as an active member of Japan’s famous decora subculture.

Narumin is wearing an orange jacket from Super Lovers with a cartoon t-shirt from TDS along with PMA denim and animal print harem shorts (known as “sarueru” in Japanese). Her Toy Story bag is from Disney, and her creepers are Bodyline. Her accessories – some of which are from IChigoUsagiByou – include an Omocha Party necklace, bracelets, a watch, sunglasses, a pouch, hood and arm warmers and mismatched socks.

Narumin’s favorite brand is Sanrio (home to Hello Kitty, whose bow she’s wearing in her hair) and she’s active on Twitter.

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  1. oohhh its to cute and her perry teddy bear is so coool

  2. i like the blue, orange, and toy story top. not really into the rest but it was a fun outfit to see (lots of detail).