Harajuku Decora Girl in Colorful Street Style w/ Super Lovers & Project C.K.

Meet Yuan, a 17-year-old decora – and student – who we street snapped in Harajuku.

Her pink jacket and harem pants are from Super Lovers, her creepy cartoon print top is from Project.C.K., and she bought her creepers in Harajuku. Her accessories – including a pink animal hat, plastic hair pins, stars necklace, and plastic rings – are from Claire’s and SUN Hoseki.

Yuan’s favorite Japanese fashion brands are Super Lovers and Listen Flavor while Vocaloid is her favorite artist. Find her on Twitter and Instagram for more information.

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  1. Goldtoast

    The hat/scarf is of the cheshire cat from Disneyland Tokyo I think! <333333

  2. Andrea Camillary

    Wow lots of jewelry, and awesome outfit, and I do love to shop at Claire’s. And I love the Googley eye ring. It looks like from the old kids show oobi.