Harajuku Designer w/ Plush Toys Skirt, 6%DOKIDOKI, Swankiss & Kawaii Accessories

Zen Chun is an independent designer with purple-blue hair who we met on the street in Harajuku. She designs kawaii accessories under the brand name Omocha Hotel. You might also recognize her from her street snaps in the Japanese fashion magazine Kera.

Zen is wearing a top that she bought in Harajuku with a Omocha Hotel skirt made out of plush toys, 6%DOKIDOKI ruffle shorts, white tights with pastel balloon graphics, and pink furry Swankiss platform shoes with ribbon laces. Accessories include lots of toys from Spiral Harajuku, handmade kawaii Omocha Hotel items, decora hair clips, rings, bows, and a polka dot bag from the Japanese brand Swimmer.

Zen told us that her favorite places to find fashion are the Japanese brand Swankiss and the Harajuku vintage toy shop Spiral. For more info on Zen and Omocha Hotel, find her on Twitter or check out her personal blog.

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