Masked Harajuku DJs w/ KTZ, Hood by Air, Jeremy Scott & Black Skull

Ryu-P and Shu-P are two DJs we recently ran into in Harajuku. They were both wearing their caps backwards, had blonde hair, face masks and chain necklaces.

Shu-P is 21 and he’s pictured to the left. His trench coat was bought resale, and his t-shirt is Black Skull, worn over a checkered shirt and Play Me jeans. His backpack is Nixon, his red sneakers are Nike and his cap is leather. He likes shopping at Black Skull and listening to K-pop. Follow him on Twitter for updates.

Ryu-P – 20 years old and on the right – is wearing a Hood by Air sweatshirt with resale jeans and a bandana skirt on top. His backpack is KTZ and it features band patches, while his Air Jordan sneakers feature purple accents. His necklace and rings are from Jeremy Scott, and his leather cap features more patches. Ryu-P likes to shop from KTZ, HBA and Jeremy Scott, and he’s a fan of Big Bang and G-Dragon. Find him on Twitter for more info.

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