Harajuku Duo in Layered Winter Street Styles w/ Jeanasis, Sly, Nadia, Issey Miyake & Heelys

While walking along the busy street in Harajuku, we met Oto – a nurse, and Katsuyuki – a student.

Sporting an all black ensemble, Oto is wearing a Sly jacket over turtleneck sweater from Jeanasis, black pants, and black sneakers. Her accessories – from Nadia – include gold hoop earrings, silver rings, and gold knuckle rings, and she is carrying a black wallet. Oto’s favorite fashion brand is GU. Follow Oto on Instagram.

At the right, Katsuyuki’s outfit features a vintage orange jacket over a dark hoodie jacket, Issey Miyake drawstring pants, and black sneakers from Heelys. His accessories include a beanie hat, eyeglasses, multiple rings, and silver chains. Issey Miyake is Katsuyuki’s favorite brand. For his social media updates, follow Katsuyuki on Instagram.

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